Cherry Creek




We are located on the NW corner of College and Cherry Creek.

If you are parking in East, North, or Canton Marketplace parking, the shortcut  is a nice alternative to the busy intersection at 19 and 64.
Take a left out of the North Parking lot and then take the next three left turns.

That gets you to the intersection of 64 and Edgewood Road (FM 859).

Turn left on 64, then take the next right. Now you are at City Lake.

This road takes some left turns, but it becomes Cherry Creek Lane.

The house is the last on the right before College.

If traffic is not a factor, the simplest & shortest route is south on 19 to College, then right to Cherry Creek.

Feel Free to use Google Maps below to get accurate directions to Cherry Creek Bed and Breakfast

Get Directions To:
699 Cherry Creek Lane
Canton TX 75103